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Ideas on how to logout from two websites simultaneously- PHP Session control.

Ideas on how to logout from two websites simultaneously- PHP Session control.

Guess we have two website example.com & instance.net in different domains. An individual information of both these sites is similar so we can log in to both these sites with the same userid and password.

When a user clicks the logout switch on sample.com subsequently we also have to log all of them out from example.net. Both internet sites include available and logged in on a single internet browser (on different tabs).

Is it possible to wreck the program snacks of sample.net as soon as the user logs from sample.com?

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Considering that the two sites aren’t sharing any login ideas around, both are maintaining independent period information, and you also cannot modify the session facts of several other website.

An answer is always to compose an API that communicates to another site, to wreck the period data.

Case 1 : started “instance.com” and signed in as “alice”

Tab 2 : open “instance.net” and signed in as “alice”

—Now, to possess a “mutual log-out”, perform the following.—

Once you click “log out” in tab 1 (.com domain), it must head to:

Similiarly, when you hit “log out” in case 2 (.net website), it must head to:

In my opinion definitely obvious obtainable.

You need to have an intermediary site or webservice that keeps track of individual meeting, for example. common to both internet abc.com and xyz.com From both the web site it’s possible to have an ajax demand every fix amount of time to test the intermediary provider for your credibility of user program. If a user logs call at all one webpages the period would destroy. Then when the ajax demand off their webpages monitors it could become closed program so because of this your write in the laws to damage snacks or whatever you need it to do.

The following is actually the way I exercise in Drupal. If you are using any CMS next you’ll encounter a particular solution to do that, nevertheless center build was same to guide they in the PHP atmosphere. When you web site become a login request internally login to another website with considering password.

  • 1st login into the webpages and and get cookie tokes etc. to proceed other things strongly related to an individual’s demands.

Trial code has arrived for Drupal CMS. You will get the idea how it functions and its efficiency next duplicate related elements to your workplace within ecosystem.

  • 2nd is actually create contact the logout address of various other webpages to logout an individual. Keep in mind that you need to used the cookie beliefs returned during the login name but if you create an ajax telephone call from your own logout page to another web site then there is no efforts about.

If you check Drupal webpages API to find out more regarding the drupal_http_request method.

Hope this might enable you to get it done within surroundings with programing skill with PHP.

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